Teen Driving Safety

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Teen Driving Safety

Obtaining a driver’s license is a big deal for teenagers, as it should be. This important step opens up many possibilities and allows a new level independence for the young driver. However, just because your teen has a license does not mean that they are “all grown up”. They still need you to train them in situational driving, monitor where they drive to, and evaluate their level of driving safety. Following are some statistics about Teen Driving Safety, as well a few pointers in regards to how you can help your teenager assimilate to the road.

Teen Driving Safety Statistics

  • 16 year-old experience a 370% greater crash rate than all other drivers.
  • 16-19 year-olds experience a 270% greater crash rate than all other drivers.
  • 16 year-olds receive 180% more citations that all other drivers
  • 16-19 year olds receive 210% more citations than all other drivers.


Why Is This The Case?

  • Teens Take More Risks
  • Teens Aren’t trained to Detect Hazards
  • Teens Have a Lower perception of perceived Risk
  • Teens Wear Seat Belts Less
  • Teens Often Carry Too Many Passengers in Their Car

Teen Driving Safety Tips

  • Know Where Your Teen Is Driving To
  • Know Who Your Teen Is Driving With
  • Limit The Number of Passengers
  • Set Guidelines With Rewards For Compliance and Consequences For Non-Compliance
  • Just Because Your Teen “Wants” to Drive Somewhere Does Not Mean That You Have To Allow Them
  • If You EVER Catch Your Teen Drinking And Driving Take Their License Away
  • Continue To Train Your Teen In Regards To Driver Safety. Remember, Learning Never Stops!

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