Alamo High Value Home Insurance

Alamo High Value Home Insurance

Alamo High Value Home Insurance – The Story

We received a call from a local Realtor in a last minute rush trying to secure an Alamo high value home insurance policy for a client. This client had just closed escrow the day before and the insurance agent that they had been working with promised to bind the home insurance policy and could not deliver. The process was taking much longer than anticipated so the client now owns a home, without insurance. The Realtor was desperate to get her client a policy IMMEDIATELY.

Alamo High Value Home Insurance – The Challenge

This home is considered a ‘high value home’ as the coverage limit was above $1.5 million so this type of policy typically has some requirements that a standard home policy doesn’t. The new owner was also ‘renting back’ to the prior owner for 45 days after purchase so she would not be moving in right away. Most of our carriers were declining due to the prior owner still living in the home after the sale. These two combinations were proving to be the cause for delay in securing a policy.

Alamo High Value Home Insurance – The Solution

After speaking to many of our carriers, only to have the quote declined, we were able reach an underwriter at The Hartford Insurance Company that was willing to work with this situation. They did allow the rent back to the prior owner for 45 days and they were able to review the quote information and approve the high value home over the phone (a process that usually takes 24-48 hours). The underwriter was aware of the time restraint and really proved that the customers do come first, by moving this file up to the front of her to-do list.


We were able to quote, approve and issue a high value home insurance policy with a special allowance for renting back to the prior owner, all within the hour! This is a classic example of a team of professionals coming together to make the impossible possible.

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