Auto Fleet Insurance

Auto Fleet Insurance

What you need to know when buying Auto Fleet Insurance

Auto Fleet Insurance is a necessary coverage for a business that has company owned vehicles. Many businesses carry Auto Fleet Insurance, but few really take the time to implement the proper guidelines needed to keep the Auto Fleet Insurance costs low. We have a few tips to help you save money on your Auto Fleet Insurance.

What you need to know when buying Auto Fleet Insurance- Driving Records!

Driving records are a major rating factor for Auto Fleet Insurance. Insurance companies consider people with good driving records to be better risks, therefore they will be eligible for good driver discounts and lower premiums. When hiring a new employee, perform a sufficient background test that includes DMV and driving records. These background tests may seem like an unnecessary cost, but they are inexpensive when compared to the cost of hiring an employee with a bad driving record.

What you need to know when buying Auto Fleet Insurance- Safety Meetings!

It is important, as a business owner, to lead the charge when it comes to safety. Most employees don’t realize that getting a speeding ticket or small accident could  cost the business owner(s) thousands of dollars of additional premium. In addition, businesses that have regular safety meetings can qualify for additional Insurance discounts. As a business owner, if you take the necessary time to stress the importance of driver safety, it could save you thousands in the long run.

What you need to know when buying Auto Fleet Insurance- Discounts!

Many Insurance carriers offer additional discounts for vehicles that contain alarm systems, back-up cameras, fleet management software, and more.  You can often gain additional discounts by being continuously insured for several years, requesting a higher deductible, or revising the number of miles driven by the vehicles. You may be suprised by some of the discounts that your Insurance carrier can offer.

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