Home Health Care Business Insurance

Home Health Care Business Insurance

What Kind of Insurance do I need for a Home Health Care Business?

Home Health Care is an industry that has seen a lot of growth in the last decade. Demand for home health care businesses is still growing and it isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Elderly patients are increasingly needing assistance with their day to day activities and home health care is often the best option for them.

When purchasing Home Health Care Business Insurance for the first time, it is important to think about all of the possible risks that come with operating a home health care business. Do you provide medical assistance? Do you have employees that may injure themselves? Do any of the these employees drive on company time? What happens if there is an accident or mishap? Typically when starting a home healthcare business, there are a few basic policies you should understand and purchase to make sure you properly protected.

General Liability Insurance – Home Health Care Business Insurance

Whether you run a hospice center, or just provide very light assistance to the elderly, General Liability is very important to purchase for your company. This insurance will be invaluable if a customer trips and falls, or if you accidentally damage the premises you rent. General Liability is very affordable and in most cases you save money by bundling your General Liability with other coverages such as building or personal property coverage.

Workers Compensation – Home Health Care Business Insurance

Another very important coverage is Workers Compensation. With most home healthcare companies, there is an inherent risk of the employees injuring themselves. Even something as simple of lifting a patient incorrectly can result in a very large Workers Compensation claims. It is also important to note that in most cases, a home healthcare business can still be liable for injuries that their 1099 ‘independent contractors’ sustain.

Business Auto, Bonding, and Property Home Health Care Business Insurance

There are several other policies that provide broader coverage for some of the other exposures you may have as a small business owner. In many cases, these coverages can be added onto existing policies, saving you money and time. It is important to discuss all of these coverages with your local Insurance Broker to see which coverage best fits your businesses needs.

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