Is your Insurance Bundle Helping or Hurting

Is your Insurance Bundle Helping or Hurting

Is your Insurance Bundle Helping or Hurting

In my last post I explained some of the benefits of utilizing a California Insurance Broker. I want to focus on a major benefit that an Independent Broker has over an exclusive Agent. Specifically, the Bundle. 99% of the time, your best bet is to utilize a carrier’s Multi-Policy Discount, but this might not be the best value for your situation. As a broker, we can still be a single point of contact for you, even if your policies end up being with different carriers!

Is your Insurance Bundle Helping or Hurting – Doesn’t the best value come from having everything together?

In the rare case, it may not be the best situation to place all your policies with a single carrier. Perhaps young Timmy is just learning to drive, and your Carrier has terrible Youthful Driver rates. Their Home rates could be out of this world, but the Auto premium shoots up. As a Broker we can look at splitting the policies to a company that specializes in Youthful Drivers, and keep your home with the amazing rates of Carrier A. Sure, the Home premium goes up, but the extremely lower premium on the Auto policy more than makes up for it! The same can be said for Earthquake, Landlord or Umbrella policies.

I want to re-iterate that MOST of the time, the Multi-Policy discount (which can be as high as 25%!) will be the best value for your policies… but you may have one of those rare cases where it makes sense to split them up. In that case, you will want a Broker to help you manage the different companies and paperwork.

Is your Insurance Bundle Helping or Hurting – How can I tell if my Insurance Bundle is the best value for me?

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