Liability Insurance for Janitors

Liability Insurance for Janitors

Liability Insurance for Janitors

“What could possibly go wrong?” This is often made as a flippant remark, a sign that we haven’t totally thought through a situation and don’t understand the gravity of the situation and the potential complications that could arise from our actions (or lack thereof). As the owner of a commercial cleaning business, hopefully you have made this statement in a serious manner while you were considering the needs of your business. What could go wrong? Well, there are unfortunately quite a few scenarios where some accident or incident could occur and affect your business in some fashion. This is where liability insurance for janitors becomes of the utmost importance.

Perhaps one day, your employees inadvertently damage a client’s possessions. Maybe a caustic chemical has leaked from its bottle, causing medical issues for your employee and contaminating a room. What would happen if all of your client contracts were destroyed? These are all situations that could leave you and your business liable for damages of some sort. Without the proper protection that a liability insurance policy provides, you would be responsible to pay for all of those damages. For most commercial cleaners, this would be financially devastating. However, with liability insurance, these scenarios play out quite differently.

If any of these situations were to occur, your liability insurance would go into effect. The policy would cover the cost of replacing the damaged possessions. If contamination did occur, the cost of repairs and/or the decontamination process would be covered by the liability policy as well. (The employee’s injuries would fall under your worker’s compensation policy.) Losing your contracts could suspend operations until the situation was rectified, and liability insurance would be there to provide the finances needed to keep the business running in the meantime. Additionally, if you were to be taken to court over an issue, liability insurance can even provide for legal coverage, assuming that the issue in question is covered by your policy.

Liability insurance for janitors can be obtained from nearly any insurance agency, whether it is a local, regional, or national entity. The type of coverage and amount of liability insurance that an agency could provide to you in a policy is dependent on a number of factors, including the size of your business, the type of work your cleaning company performs, and the number of employees that work for you. You may want to speak with a number of different agents to find one who is well-versed in the industry’s needs and to find the most reasonably priced liability insurance policy for janitors.

As you consider all the possible ways that some accident or incident could affect your business, never forget that liability insurance for janitors is the single best way to deal with the risk and prevent  the fallout that might accompany any of those situations. Speak with an insurance agent today to find liability insurance for janitors which will provide adequate financial protection to you and your business. The peace of mind that accompanies the purchase of a liability insurance policy is well worth the investment you will make.

All information is general in nature and is intended to provide guidance only. It is up to you to request specific coverage options, the agency and agent do not bear this responsibility. Always read the policy if there is a questions about coverage or a claim. If any information herein should conflict with your actual policy’s specific language, the policy language will be controlling.

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