New Facebook Image Sizes

New Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook has recently been encouraging users to switch from the traditional, familiar format to the new Timeline layout.  Soon all Facebook pages will be migrated tothe new format, which will require significant adjustments to existing andnewly uploaded images.  In this post we will focus on uploading correct image sizes for the new format.  Why is this a pertinent topic of discussion? As an individual User, correct image sizes are mostly for aesthetic purposes.  However, businesses should be more concerned, as social media presence is often the first impression a potential client hasof an organization.

In order to maintain a professional online appearance, correct dimensions and quality should be used to ensure image clarity. Below are the most current Facebook Timeline image sizes and some useful resources for adjusting dimensions of your existing pictures.


The Sizes

Maximum Image Upload for Pictures: Height: 2048px  Width: 2048px

TimeLine Cover: Height: 315px   Width: 851px

Thumbnail: Height: 90px  Width: 90px

Ad Picture: Height: 80 px   Width: 110px

Profile Picture:  Height:180px    Width:180px

Application Icons/Favorites Image:   Height: 74px   Width: 111px

Milestone Picture: Height: 403px   Width: 843px


Useful Links

Facebook Template Page Showing Dimensions

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Free Image Resizer

Official Facebook Timeline Page



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March, 6 2012   Accessed Via Web: May, 2 2012





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