Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance

Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance

Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance

Living in the Oakland Hills can be a very peaceful and relaxing experience. You are far away from the traffic and noise, and can enjoy peace and quiet that is hard to find in the otherwise busy Bay Area. Unfortunately, Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance is becoming harder and harder to find. The number of carriers that write insurance in the hills has steadily declined, with carriers ceasing new business or completely eliminating their book of business in hills zip codes. The carriers that do work in the hills seem to be increasing premiums well out of line with the rest of the marketplace.

Why is it hard to find Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance?

First of all, the Oakland /Berkeley Hills fires in 1991 made all carriers second guess their approach. Streets in the Oakland Hills can be narrow and windy, making access to firetrucks very challenging. Next, the steep slope means that fire can spread quickly, and move through the canyons at an accelerated rate. Finally, there can be heavy brush and tree growth that add fuel to spreading fires.

How can I find affordable Oakland Hills Homeowners insurance?

The best way to find a carrier with fair rates that offers a quality policy is to work with a broker. At Stone Creek Insurance we have several carriers that not only write Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance but offer very competitive coverage and rates. In addition, packaging your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance will yield 15-25% savings on both policies.

Why Wait, we have helped save Clients Hundreds with Better Coverage!

The quoting process is quite easy, and we are more than happy to work up a proposal with no obligation to buy. If you are interested in speaking with an agent please call us at 925-297-4202 or simply fill out the form to the right.

Thank you very much, and we hope to help you with your Oakland Hills Homeowners Insurance!

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