How does moving affect my Insurance

How does moving affect my Insurance

How Does Moving Affect My Insurance – I am renting, but decided to move to a new location, where I still rent, what do I need to do for my Insurance?

Most companies will allow you to keep the same Renter’s policy, and just update the location address. Since the value of your personal property isn’t changing, the policy itself is still generally accurate. Some things that may change are if you add/lose a central fire/burglar alarm, brush fire zones and/or building characteristics. Call your agent with as much information about the new location as possible.

How Does Moving Affect My Insurance – I am renting, but just bought a new home that I am moving into, what do I need to do for my Insurance?

This is a completely separate situation. Part of buying a new home is an insurance requirement if you go through a lender, so your new insurance should already be established for your new home. You will probably have higher amount of coverage for your personal property because that is typically included in a Homeowner’s policy automatically. The main thing you will need to do is cancel the Renter’s policy for your old location.

How Does Moving Affect My Insurance – I am living in a home I own, but buying a new home I plan to move into, what do I need to do for my Insurance?

When changing homes, you will need to establish a new policy for the new location as there are too many variables to be able to move one Homeowner policy to another location. Similar to above, any new home purchase will probably require you to secure insurance for the property, so you will just need to remember to cancel your old insurance or get it re-quoted as Vacant/Tenant occupied.

How Does Moving Affect My Insurance  – Will my rates change if I move?

More than likely, yes it will. If you are able to keep the same Renter’s policy with your carrier, you might see a very slight change. A lot of things are based on Zip Code for rates, so moving anywhere can cause a rate change.

How Does Moving Affect My Insurance – I have moved and updated my Renter’s/Homeowner’s insurance, what else do I need to do?

If you have an Auto Policy you will want to make sure the address is updated as well. Again, your rates may change based on your new location, but it is important to have the correct information to avoid delays if a claim should arise.

Great! I’m all set to move, now how do I get my information updated?

Give us a call at 925.297.4202 and let us know! We could help you secure a new homeowner’s policy if you’re moving into a new home or update your current policies with us.

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