Orinda Hills Home Insurance

Orinda Hills Home Insurance

Orinda Hills Home Insurance – The Story

We received a call from a realtor referral in Orinda, California regarding Orinda Hillsa home insurance. We were originally referred to this person in the new home purchasing process, but they decided to work with their existing broker, which we totally understand as we value loyalty. Unfortunately, after the carrier that they selected inspected the home they decided to cancel the policy due to slope.

Orinda Hills Home Insurance – The Challenge

Slope and brush when it comes to Orinda Hills home insurance are both underwriting hazards that can be hard to work with. Carriers tend to shy away from slope because brush fires spread faster on slopes. Brush can be dense in the hills of Orinda, which provide excellent fuel for fires.

For this client, we had to find a carrier that was ok with the brush, slope, and also offered high limits of insurance for this $1.7 million dollar home.

Orinda Hills Home Insurance – The Solution

In situations that require a special touch the first thing that we do is call our underwriters. We called a few, and Allied/nationwide Insurance Company was willing to make an exception. The exception did come with the condition that there would be an inspection, which is normal for homes with high coverage limits. Because of this, we approached “back-up” carrier that would be willing to insure the house in the case that Allied decided to cancel after the inspection.

When it was all said and done Allied conducted the inspection and approved the home. We have a new happy client and

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