YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES SPECIAL ATTENTION. Stone Creek is focused not only on finding the right coverage at the best price, but helping you to understand what the coverage means to you and your BUSINESS.

Our 4 Step Approach Makes The Commercial Insurance Process Easy


    The first step is to get all of your policies together so that we can look at the entire package. Our team will gather necessary data, analyze business structure and processes, Examine assets, look at the potential for loss exposure and formulate a plan. We will shop this with our most competitive carriers to make sure that you receive the price and service that you deserve

    We don’t expect you to understand everything about the insurance world, but we will educate you about your policy and how the coverage offered is relevant to you. We want you to feel informed and comfortable before making your decision to work with Stone Creek.

    Once you are comfortable with your custom insurance plan it’s time to implement it. We will make the transition smooth by providing new certificates of insurance, registering your staff for online access, and providing you with all of the necessary contacts.

    When it comes to service you will have the support of our office, online resources, and the carrier that you are insured with. Upon renewal we look at sales, changes in operations, newly acquired business property, and increased staff to make sure that you and your business are protected. If for any reason premiums change we will shop your policy at your request and make sure that you are paying what is fair and affordable.

Think we’re a good fit? We’d love to work with you!

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