Why You Should Use A California Insurance Broker

Why You Should Use A California Insurance Broker

Post by: Tom Lynch

What is a Broker?

As defined by the CA Department of Insurance, an Independent Broker or Agent is “an
independent insurance sales person who searches the marketplace in the interests of clients, not insurance companies, and may place coverage with any admitted insurance company.” So in short, we are looking out for the interest of the client and not the company.

An Independent Insurance Broker or Agent does the policy shopping for you, without you having to spend time inputting the same information again and again, or calling and talking to a number of companies to compare prices. Instead, you can give your information to your Broker one time, and they can use that information to go out and see prices with numerous companies and then bring the coverage and price comparison to you. This will allow you to save time AND money on your insurance needs.

Are there hidden fees for using a Broker or Independent

Some Brokerages charge a Broker fee for the time they spend shopping your policy. We at Stone Creek Insurance NEVER charge a Broker Fee for our Personal Lines Clients. Instead,
we ask that you share your experience with your friends, family and acquaintances.

Why do you keep saying Independent Broker or Agent, what’s
the difference?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but the main difference is how the Broker or Agent is appointed with the insurance companies they write business through. On the client’s side, there isn’t really a difference between an Independent Broker and an Independent Agent.

What other type of Agent is there then?

Most of the highly marketed insurance companies have what are known as Captive Agents (sometimes called Exclusive Agents), which means they represent  a single Insurer and can
only place business with that company.

Stone Creek Insurance Agency is an Independent Brokerage, with a number of knowledgeable Broker/Agents able to assist you in finding the best value for the coverage you need! Give us a call at 925.297.4564 or fill out the form to the right and have us do the hard work of insurance shopping for you!

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