Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance

wood and woodshake roofs homeowners insurance

Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance

Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance

As the real estate market grows in California; one of many themes, which seems to be recurring, is the wood and wood shake roofs (aka wood shake), and the ability to get insurance on those homes. In some communities in California the building code requires the wood shake roof to be replaced when there is a change in ownership.

Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance – Types

The California Building Code sets roofs into three (3), which are effective against fire test exposure. Those three (3) classes are as follows:
• Class A- serve fire test exposure
• Class B- moderate fire test exposure
• Class C- light fire test exposure
When wood shake roofs were first available with fire-retardant coatings; wood shake roofs received a Class C. Now there are pressure treated wood shakes and those wood shake receive a Class A rating when installed with a solid underlayment. Why do the newer wood shakes receive the Class A rating? The fire protection is provided by pressure impregnating fire-retardant polymers into the innermost cells of the wood shakes

Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance – Finding the Best Policy

The best way to find an insurance company with fair rates that offers a quality policy is to work with a Broker. At Stone Creek Insurance we have several insurance companies that not only write the wood shake roof; but, offer very competitive coverage and rates. In addition, packaging your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance will yield up to 15-25% savings on both policies.

Wood and Wood Shake Roofs Homeowners Insurance – We Can Help You To Save!

The quoting process is quite easy, and we are more than happy to work up a proposal with no obligation to buy. If you are interested in speaking with an agent please call us at 925-297-4202, or simply fill out the form to the right.

Thank you very much, and we hope to help you with your Wood Shake Homeowners Insurance!

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