Insurance for Office Supply Stores

Insurance for Office Supply Stores

Insurance for Office Supply Stores

Office Supply Stores can vary substantially in their scope, operations, and sales avenues. With that said, the Insurance needs of Office Supply stores can vary depending on these operations. We will review some of the most important coverages for your Office Supply Store.

Insurance for Office Supply Stores – General Liability

General Liability is a common, affordable coverage that you likely already have for your Office Supply Store. General Liability is especially important for Office Supply Stores because of the amount of foot traffic within the store. When customers fall and injure themselves, it is the General Liability policy that provides coverage. There are some important items to consider when purchasing General Liability. If your Office Supply Store offers online sales, it is imperative the carrier is aware of these operations. In addition, if you offer computer or equipment repair services, you must disclose these operations to the carrier as these services may be an issue with some carriers.

Insurance for Office Supply Stores – Business Personal Property & Business Income

Business Personal Property is an important coverage for Office Supply Stores because of the amount of inventory and equipment on the premises. Your Office Supply Store likely relies on this inventory and equipment to run the business and it is important they are covered in case of a large claim. In addition to protecting the inventory, there is a great coverage called Business Income coverage that can be endorsed on to your property coverage. Business Income coverage can pay you for income that is lost due to a covered property loss. This simple, affordable coverage can save your business in the event of a large or total loss.

Insurance for Office Supply Stores – Workers Comp

Workers Comp is a well-known coverage that every Office Supply Store should carry if they have employees. Most Office Supply Stores will have several employees that work in different departments, with different job duties. Some of these employees may fall under the clerical class code. It is critical to properly classify these employees as the difference in premium between payroll for one employee type and the other can be substantial. If you are unsure about how to properly classify your employee, we can help you.

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All information is general in nature and is intended to provide guidance only. It is up to you to request specific coverage options, the agency and agent do not bear this responsibility. Always read the policy if there is a questions about coverage or a claim. If any information herein should conflict with your actual policy’s specific language, the policy language will be controlling.

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